Sell Your Home the Simple Way Without All the Hassles and Stress

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June 4th, 2021

Sell Your Home the Simple Way Without All the Hassles and Stress

Listing your home, the traditional way with a real estate agent can be a good choice when your home is newer or has been recently updated and doesn’t need much in terms of repairs. However, if you have an older home that needs updating, repairs and perhaps isn’t in the best condition inside and out, or even if the thought of all the time, money and energy needed to prep it to go on the market is overwhelming, then selling to an investor may be a viable option for you.


The most overwhelming and often stressful part of selling your home is taking care of the “to do” list of those little fixes and repairs that need to get done, even in today’s market environment. Top repairs and updates often include painting of interior walls, exterior painting touch ups including the front entry door, carpet cleaning or new carpet altogether, updating lighting fixtures, to fixing a leaky faucet or light switch or outlet that doesn’t work properly. The time and costs can add up quickly even for these minor tasks and the list often grows as the work is being completed.


Beyond those basic updates and minor fixes, oftentimes there are more major repairs that need to be addressed. These might include water damage, a leaky basement, mold, rotted exterior trim to heating and air conditioning system repairs which can be costly. Coordinating repairs and updates is often quite time-consuming. Finding contractors to complete the work can be a challenge, especially for small jobs. And once you find a few to consider, there’s all the interviewing and details to understand if they are qualified, licensed and bonded, competitive and fair in their bid, have a reputation for doing good work, etc.


And for those homeowners who might consider doing the work themselves, those that do so might find themselves in over their heads as one repair often exposes another or even worse a mistake causes another even bigger problem. While all of this is going on, you’ll also need to be taking steps to find, contact, interview and select a real estate agent.


Once the repairs and updates are made, then there’s decluttering and cleaning. Cleaning most often happens after the home has been de-cluttered which for many, includes coordinating a dumpster for the many household items that need to be discarded. Even a medium size dumpster costs over $500 and that doesn’t include the labor to move the many items (often large and heavy) from in the home into the dumpster! Cleaning and updating isn’t just on the inside of the home, it’s equally if not more important for the outside to enhance the curb appeal. Remember, first impressions happen outside the home!


The good news is that there’s a simpler way to sell your home, a way that takes away all the hassles and stress associated with preparing the home to go on the market the traditional route. There will be no long “to do” list of updates or repairs, no dealing with contractors, no decluttering, no dumpsters, no cleaning, and in fact no showings or open houses! It’s not too good to be true, it’s Homestead Road. At Homestead Road, we will purchase your home in its “as is” condition not matter what shape it’s in, how much work needs to be done or how old it is. In fact, if we buy your home, you can take what you like and leave unwanted items behind and we’ll donate, recycle or dispose of them for you!


At Homestead Road, our goal is to provide you a truly simple, straightforward way to sell your home without all the hassles and stress. We’ll work on your timeline and from start to finish, you’ll get personalized service from experienced real estate professionals who not only listen and care, but also live in and know your community. As a company, we are proud of our 150+ 5-star reviews from homeowners we’ve had the privilege of working with.


If you are interested in learning more selling your home through Homestead Road, visit our main page.