About Us

Homestead Road is a tech enabled company and a leading purchaser of single-family residential properties with operations in Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Florida.  Since 2007 the company has helped more than 2,000 homeowners sell their homes simply and stress-freely.  Homestead Road’s competitive advantage is its ability to provide selling homeowners quick access to cash while allowing them to avoid the stresses of the complicated and tedious traditional home selling process.  With Homestead Road, sellers also enjoy freedom from pricing, market risk, needing to pay for real estate commissions, and managing home improvement projects. After acquiring a property, Homestead Road makes necessary improvements and markets the property at a price typically attractive to first-time home buyers. Homestead Road has been recognized in the INC 5000 as one of America’s fastest growing companies for six years in a row.

The Homestead Road Story

Andrey Sokurec and Alex Delendik had a vision of creating a different kind of home buying company.  Inspired by companies renowned for their customer service (think Zappos, Amazon, Disney, Costco and Nordstrom), they have built a culture dedicated to creating raving fans.

From no pressure sales appointments to thoughtful touches like bringing cookies to potential home sellers, Homestead Road provides best-in-class customer service from start to finish.  Their goal is to educate customers and help them make the best decisions for themselves and create “Feel The Joy” experiences for everyone.

The Story Behind Our Logo

The Homestead Road logo is a watercolor painting of a house at the end of a road.  The house pictured in the logo is an actual house that lies at the bottom of a man made reservoir that swallowed up the Western Massachusetts towns of Dana, Enfield, Prescott, and Greenwich.

Over 2,500 people were forced to give up their homes to make way for the reservoir.  Deeply affected by the heart-wrenching story, artist Sue Chaffee decided to bring the lost homes back to life in watercolor paintings.

We recognized what she did as a great metaphor for what we do at Homestead Road, which is to find homes that need repair, to buy them “as is”, and to restore them back to life for future families.


Homestead Road Core Values

At Homestead Road our Core Values are central to everything we do, from the people we hire, to how we work as a team, and most importantly, how we treat our customers.

Deliver “Feel The Joy” Experience

Deliver “Feel the Joy” Experience

This means working with us isn’t simply a transaction, it’s a great experience. We are committed to going above and beyond to create value for our customers.

Tell The Truth

Tell the Truth

Open and honest communication is the key to building strong, healthy teams that offer exceptional customer service.

Homestead Road

Do the Right Thing

We look out for your best interest, even when it’s more difficult or expensive for us.

Feedback Is A Gift

Feedback Is A Gift

Constructive feedback is how we improve.

Accept Responsibility

Accept 100% Responsibility

Our staff members take responsibility for everything we impact. We encourage everyone to improve our processes and learn from any mistakes we make.

Homestead Road Giving Back

At Homestead Road we believe donating time to support those around us is extremely beneficial, both for us and your community. Helping the communitites we do business in is an opportunity for us to grow as a business and better understand how we fit into the world around us. Giving back is also a great way to get to know your community and its citizens.  Here are a few of the ways we invest in our communities.

Homestead Road -Cookie Cart
Feed My Starving Children
Homestead Road Scholarship
Sharing & Caring Hand Circle
Habitat for humanity