Reducing the Stress and Complexity When Relocating to a New Area

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August 31st, 2021

Moving even only miles away can be quite an emotionally and physically draining experience, but moving to an entirely new city or region can be completely overwhelming.The feeling of being overwhelmed along with stress is even more exacerbated when you and perhaps your family are relocating to a new city or area you’re not yet familiar with.


With more and more employers offering the ability to work virtually in the past year, we are working with more and more customers who are opting to relocate to another area of the country to not only meet short-term needs but long-term goals. One of the top stressors associated with a relocation, regardless of reason, is the time, effort, and money needed to prepare a home for sale. In fact, many of the clients we’ve worked with have stated one of their bigger financial concerns relates to the fear of being stuck with two mortgages between the sale of their existing home and the purchase of their new one.


If you are amid considering relocating to a new area, read on for some helpful thoughts and tips, including a great solution to consider that would ease the stress relative to selling your current home.


Relocation Considerations


Relocating to a new region is often more stressful and complex than moving locally for several reasons. For one, it is common to question whether or not relocating is the right decision. You may be reluctant to uproot your family to pursue the opportunities in the new region, even if it is what’s best for your long-term goals. You may also be concerned about the impact the relocation will have on your relationships back home and if you’ll be able to find a new community in this new area. These are all important considerations to make before finalizing your relocation plans, and you should weigh your options several times before committing to the move, just to make sure you’re up for taking on this level of change.


Before making the move, one thing you can do is use your current network of friends and coworkers to help make new connections in your new city. That is often the easiest and quickest way to start rebuilding your community during the relocation process. Even better, those connections can likely help you understand where you may want to explore living in the new area and help with practical suggestions and opinions about a variety of topics from traffic patterns, schools for kids, shopping, etc., which may impact your decision on where you’d like your new home to be within this new area. They can also be helpful in recommending fun things to do, restaurants to try, and even healthcare providers to explore. This one step can often jump-start the process while also making you and your family feel more connected.


When relocating, it’s important to keep in mind the big picture or end game, reminding yourself and family of why you are choosing to relocate in the first place. Staying focused on the end game is important to “keep your eye on the prize” while dealing with all the work and steps needed to get there. Having worked with many clients looking to relocate over the years, we’ve identified a number of common reasons why people relocate. In most cases our clients are relocating for employment, but if no relocation package was offered to do so, they are often electing to relocate at their own expense to take another job, they are moving closer to family, or they are simply looking for a change. In talking with these homeowners, they all often have one thing in common and that is the desire to accelerate the relocation process while reducing stress. And one of the biggest stressors relates to what is most often their biggest financial asset…the house.


Simplify Your Relocation with a Real Estate Investor


When you are relocating, there are many moving parts. Prepping a home to go on the market is a time-consuming, painstaking process. Therefore, many people looking to relocate often choose to work with a real estate investor instead of the going with the traditional method of listing. Selling your home with a real estate investor gives you cash on hand in as little as a couple weeks which can put you in a position to purchase your next home in the new city you are relocating to. In fact, it can even give you better negotiating power as there will be no need for a contingency associated with the sale of your current home. Best of all, doing so eliminates all the cleaning, repairs, showings, and open houses. Not only does this reduce the stress involved, it allows you to focus on all the other (potentially more exciting) activities related to your relocation.


Sell Sooner with Homestead Road


We understand that the home you are moving from may hold sentimental value for you, so our gift to you as we send you on your way to new adventures is a hand-painted watercolor photo of your home in all its glory. We hope you will treasure this keepsake and the memories it holds as you make new ones in your new home.


If you would like to learn more about selling to Homestead Road, contact our team at one of our three locations in Minneapolis, Milwaukee, and Tampa or check out our website to find more information about all we do. You can find the contact information for each of these locations We look forward to hearing from you!