Andrey Sokurec Speaks to Entrepreneurs at NASDAQ

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July 21st, 2019
Andrey Sokurec spoke at a symposium on Monday, April 30th 2018 at the NASDAQ headquarters. He shared the story of the launch and growth of his company Homestead Road, a Minneapolis-based real estate company that buys and fixes homes to re-sell to families.


Andrey shared with the audience his lessons learned from building a business, particularly emphasizing the amount of time it took to build a successful business. Andrey, a native of Belarus, built Homestead Road from scratch and is now doing more than $30 million in annual revenues. The audience ranged from aspiring professionals and small business owners seeking advice and mentoring, to leaders from various industries looking to grow their networks.


“I believe that the American dream is still alive,” said Andrey Sokurec. “However, that dream of building a successful business isn’t a sprint, but a marathon.”


About Andrey Sokurec
Andrey Sokurec is a native of Belarus, formerly of the U.S.S.R. He moved to America in 2004, believing it to be the best place to realize his dreams. By day he worked as a manual laborer, and by night he read books on business success. He purchased his first investment property in 2005 and has completed more than $100 million in real estate transactions since then, building a large portfolio of houses. He is a big believer in continuing education and has learned firsthand from experts like Jack Canfield, author of Chicken Soup for the Soul, Robert Kiyosaki, author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad, and Harvey Mackay, author of Swim with the Sharks. He has become a recognized authority in real estate as the founder of Midwest Real Estate Investment Association, as host of the TV show The Real Deal in Real Estate, and as a frequent guest presenter at investment summits and training seminars across the U.S. He co-founded Homestead Road to integrate the entire process of buying homes, restoring them to marketability, and “homesteading” families. In addition, Andrey mentors aspiring real estate investors through his training program that offers workshops, events and guides for individuals looking to build wealth through real estate. He lives with his wife and three children in Golden Valley, Minnesota.


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