Homestead Road Team

The Homestead Road Story

Andrey Sokurec and Alex Delendik had a vision of creating a different kind of home buying company. Inspired by companies renowned for their customer service (think Zappos, Amazon, Disney, Costco and Nordstrom), they have built a culture dedicated creating raving fans.

From no pressure sales appointments to thoughtful touches like bringing cookies to potential home sellers, Homestead Road provides best-in-class customer service from start to finish. Their goal is to educate consumers and help them make the best decisions for themselves and create “Feel the Joy” experiences for everyone.

The Meaning and Story Behind Our Logo

The Homestead Road logo is a watercolor painting of a house at the end of a road. The house pictured in the logo is an actual house that lies at the bottom of a man made reservoir that swallowed up the Western Massachusetts towns of Dana, Enfield, Prescott, and Greenwich.

Over 2,500 people were forced to give up their homes to make way for the reservoir. Deeply affected by the heart-wrenching story, artist Sue Chaffee decided to bring the lost homes back to life in watercolor paintings.

We recognized what she did as a great metaphor for what we do at Homestead Road , which is to find homes that need repair, to buy them “as is,” and to restore them back to life for future families.

Homestead Road Watercolor